The Congregational Church of Naugatuck is involved in a variety of outreach and benevolence activities – some by ourselves and some working with covenant partners. Our church offers financial support to many mission organizations including Church World Service, Heifer Project International, and Simply Smiles.

Members of our church are also encouraged to become involved in hands-on mission work. Much of this work is carried about by ministry teams (groups who come together with the focus of and for the duration of completing a particular task, mission or ministry).

Some of our current mission projects include:

Casa Hogar Mission - Casa Hogar is an orphanage for special needs children in Oaxaca, Mexico. In May 2006 our church sent a fourteen person team to Casa Hogar for 9 days to build a study room for the orphanage and share their love with these children.  An eleven person team followed up in 2008 by continuing the mission to the orphanage and helping to building houses for a community that resides at the Oaxaca City dump.  In May of 2010 a thirteen person team will run a food distribution for the village of Santa Maria Tepexipana. 

La Romana Mission – The La Romana mission serves the poor immigrant population which lives in the bateys (sugar cane villages) that surround the city of La Romana, Dominican Republic. Our mission work includes the offering of medical clinics in the batey, a “Batey Bible School” program for the children, and continuing construction of the Good Samaritan Hospital (a mission hospital in the city of La Romana). Our church next plans to send a mission team to La Romana in March 2010.

Ecumenical Food Bank – Our church has long supported the Ecumenical Food Bank which is located on Spring Street in Naugatuck. This ministry, sponsored by the Naugatuck/Beacon Falls Council of Churches, provides food to those in need. Our church supports the Food Bank through food collection and volunteer support.

New Beginnings – Working with the New Beginnings program, we collect donations of new clothes throughout the summer so we can provide Naugatuck children of lesser means with a fresh start at the beginning of the school year.